[Participation in 『THE FINAL』 in Japan]

The top player in Platinum Rank and two players of the highest global ranking from each country are invited to “THE FINAL” held in Japan in December.
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make your name s a global No. 1 player!

  • ※ Targets: Player of the highest national ranking in Platinum Rank
    Two highest global ranking players in Platinum Rank. (not the player of the highest national ranking in each country)

December 15, 2019 (Sun.)

[Convention hall]
Japan Chiba Makuhari Messe

[ Presented to All Participating Players ]

A souvenir Style for GLOBAL ONLINE BATTLE presented to all participating players!

  • ※ It is presented automatically through your card information after you play the first game.

[ Sponsor Style ]

The first Phoenix Darts event to give away sponsor Styles! Items available only through GLOBAL ONLINE BATTLE!
Get one Style for every five games played! Collect all of the limited edition Styles from 17 sponsors!

  • ※ Sponsor Styles are automatically and randomly presented each time you play five games.


Moving Style presented to celebrate the opening of GLOBAL ONLINE BATTLE!
A rare item you can win by collecting all sponsor Styles!

[ One-of-a-kind Style ]

The top three players in each rank will win a personalized GLOBAL ONLINE BATTLE Style.
▷ After the final result is notified, send your player name and photo to receive a one-of-a-kind Style.

  • ※ Personalized Style can only be used in the participating countries.

[ Special Trophy ]

A special trophy presented to the highest global ranking player in each rank
▷ The global No. 1 ~ No. 3 players will be honored by receiving a special trophy.

[ Benefit through Collaboration with Sponsors ]

A darts set presented to players through collaboration with GLOBAL ONLINE BATTLE and event sponsors
▷It is presented through random drawing to all participating players.

  • ※The winners will be announced after completion of each stage.

▨ Note

※ Items presented as a benefit for entering GLOBAL ONLINE BATTLE can only be used in the participating countries. The items are not displayed on the machine in other countries.

※ Personalized Style is created after the player’s photo is received following announcement of the third stage result. Please note that photos that require a license cannot be used in the personalized Style creation.

※ Following the announcement of winners, it can take some time until you receive the prizes. After the prizes are sent out, the operator is not responsible for damages, etc. occurring in the course of delivery.

※The details of event benefits above can be changed without prior notice according to the operator’s circumstances.