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Event overview

Catch Dreams! Make name in the world!
Anyone can enter anytime during the event period!Using the online gaming system!

A golden opportunity to make your name known among global players and sponsors by climbing up to a higher rank through a competition of winning streak against players from around the world

A blockbuster event where No. 1 players from each country contend for the position as a global winner at the last game A global event of PHOENIXDARTS where special benefits are offered to the participating players and the game of darts is enjoyed in a more exciting way starts in October 2019.

Host and operator


Event schedule and composition

▷ Online Battle: October 10 (Thu.) - November 18 (Mon.), 2019 - Comprised of three stages

You can play matches any time using a Phoenix Darts machine during the event period.

Target machines


▷ Local Final: December 15, 2019 (Sun.) - Through “THE FINAL” in Japan

Based on the online battle records, the top player in Platinum Rank of each country and top 3 players of the World Ranking are invited to 『THE FINAL』 to compete in the final round.

An information letter and an invitation will be sent to players to compete in the final round at 『THE FINAL』

▷ Online battle composition

Stage Schedule (GMT+9) Game
1st.STAGE 09:00 a.m. on October 10 (Thu.) - 08:00 a.m. on October 24 (Thu.) Standard Cricket
2nd.STAGE 09:00 a.m. on October 24 (Thu.) - 08:00 a.m. on November 7 (Thu.) ※1) 01 Game
3rd.STAGE 09:00 a.m. on November 7 (Thu.) - 08:00 a.m. on November 18 (Mon.) Standard Cricket / 01 Game

※1) 01Game: Platinum - 701Game (OI/MO) / Gold ~ Iron - 501Game (OI/OO)
Note) When switching to the next stage, the game cannot be played for 1 hour due to the system maintenance. (GMT +9-am 8:00 to am9: 00)

Qualifications and entry fee

▷Qualifications: Any player who has the Phoenix Online Card information

▷ Entry Fee: No entry fee (game fee to be paid by player)

※ All Phoenix Online Card members who have played at least ten 01 Game/Cricket games can enter. Please note that one-player games are not counted. [Sign-up]

Game rules

Event rules

Select “Global Online Battle” in the machine and touch your Phoenix Online Card. Then, your rank is automatically decided based on your skills level and you are entered in the competition.

This is a ranking system event where each player selects and plays at least five games during a Stage period and competes against one another as their rankings within the same rank are decided based on the length of winning streak.

▷ Rank Division

Players are ranked depending on their card ratings. The ranks are divided as of the following.

Rank Card Rating
GOLD A14 ~ AA17

※ Rank-up criteria) In case a player’s records are higher than the standard Global Online Battle entry rank for five times or more in a row, the player is automatically ranked up in a higher rank. The maximum number of successive winnings and the previous game records (winning rates) are reset. The number of games played, PPD and MPR are maintained.

▷ Conditions for ranking selection : The longest winning streak > winning rate > rating > No. of games played

Players of similar ranks are automatically matched to play a match against one another. A player with the longest winning streak is ranked the highest.
※ In the case of Cricket, Platinum and Gold play against each other.

▷ Rank별 진행 게임

Stage Rank Game & Option
1st.STAGE PLATINUM ~ IRON Standard Cricket
2nd.STAGE PLATINUM 701 MO Game (Open In / Master Out Bull 50/50)
GOLD ~ IRON 501 Game (Open In / Open Out Bull 50/50)
3rd.STAGE PLATINUM Standard Cricket or 701 MO Game (Open In / Master Out Bull 50/50)
GOLD ~ IRON Standard Cricket or 501 Game (Open In / Open Out Bull 50/50)

▷ Round rules

The round limits per stage is 15 rounds for both 01 Game / Standard Game.

※ 01 Game: If a winning player is not decided within the standard rounds, a player who has a lower score wins.
In addition, if the round ends in a tie, a player who had the first throw wins.

▷First throw/second throw

A player for the first throw is decided automatically through coin tossing.

▷Online connection issues

When a game is canceled due to online connection issues, the game is nullified and it is not reflected in the Global Online Battle record

※ including defective connection or unilateral cancellation of the game by an opponent.
In addition, for the situations that arise from the reasons specified above, the host of the event and the Steering Office do not assume any responsibilities. Your understanding will be appreciated.

▷ As for the repetitive entry

The final ranking is calculated based on one player = one ranking. For players of qualifying ranking, the status of the players holding multiple cards is checked and the players are authenticated using their IDs and registered mailing addresses. Based on the result, repetitive entries are deleted from the rankings.

Even the players of higher rankings are excluded from ranking calculation if their cards have not been completed of PHOENIXDARTS membership registration.

If a player is decided as a player of qualifying ranking in different ranks through entry using multiple cards, the player is recognized as a player of qualifying ranking for the higher rank and is withdrawn from the lower rank. In this case, a player of the second highest ranking becomes a player of qualifying ranking.

▷ About disqualification

The host and Steering Office of this event have the right to disqualify players who have disrupted or can disrupt a game under their subjective or internal judgment, and thus to deprive the players of their rights for entering the campaign or receiving gifts. The operator also has the authority to adjust the records of players who have committed cheating.


  • • This event is authorized and operated by PHOENIXDARTS.
    It is aimed for the development of a sound soft darts culture, such as to activate the shops and local areas, increase participating players’ skills and enhance the players’ manners.
  • • This event is hosted, operated and managed by PHOENIXDARTS.
    In addition, all rights for this event are with PHOENIXDARTS and players are regarded to give their consent by participating in the campaign.
  • • In this event, personal information is managed/stored by PHOENIXDARTS.
    It is regarded that the players give their consent to the posting of their names, genders and records in the website or machines by participating in the event.
  • • The host and Steering Office of this event have the right to disqualify players who have disrupted or can disrupt a game under their subjective or internal judgment, and thus to deprive the players of their rights for entering the campaign or receiving gifts.
  • • The host of the event has the right to take photographs or film videos in the event venue and use the photographs and videos for commercial purposes, such as advertising, without monetary deposits or confirmation through consignment/approval by individual visitors.
  • • Players must exchange greetings with one another before starting a game and keep good manners while playing a game. Any inappropriate acts and acts to disturb other players are prohibited.
  • • Players who acted inappropriately, such as to offend others and to disturb or delay a game, can be disqualified through judgment of the PHOENIXDARTS operators upon submission of the evidence materials.

Game guide

STEP1Application for Entry - Select GLOBAL ONLINE BATTLE from MENU in the machine and touch card to enter.

  • 01 Select GLOBAL ONLINE BATTLE menu
  • 02 Touch Phoenix online card to machine
  • 03 Give consent to participation in event
  • 04 Entry is completed and player’s information is checked

▷ Players can apply for entry regarding of Stage during the event period.

STEP2Match - Following application for entry, select a game for automatic matching and start playing a game with an opponent.

  • 01 Select Game to Start Stage
  • 02 Select Proceed with Automatic Matching
  • 03 Play the game
  • 04 Winning streak information
    Check the number of remaining games to be played for reflection in ranking

▷ For event record, only the games played through GLOBAL ONLINE BATTLE are reflected. Games played through general GVM are not reflected.

▷ You need to play at least five games regardless of Stage to have your record reflected in ranking.

▷Opponent matching cannot be canceled once it is started following the selection of automatic matching.


Event poster