『THE FINAL』 Guess the winner event

Guess the Global Online Battle winner event!

About event

How to participate

1. Select one front-runner for the Global Online Battle below

2. Press the [Select winner] button, and fill in the card number (Compulsory)

3. Check the winner that you selected

※ Multiple voting is not allowed.

Event benefits

* All participants will receive a Limited Edition Bull Sound of the Global Online Battle. S-BULL D-BULL

* Guess the winner to receive a Bull Sound with all front-runners' voices

Event period

December 2, 10:00 (Mon) - December 15, 10:00 (Sun), 2019

『THE FINAL』 participant list

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Will you select

Input your card number to receive the prize.

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• Phoenix dart card number needs to be filled in. (Multiple voting is not allowed)

• Set of 2 GOB BULL SOUNDS (S BULL/D BULL) will be given out for the first 30 days, and can be extended as Gold afterwards.